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            Opening A New Horizon and A New Chapter to Make New Achievements
              Source:本站 Data:2020-09-07

            Opening A New Horizon and A New Chapter to Make New Achievements

            ——the Official Launch Ceremony of Anhui Branch of SHENZHUANG GROUP Was Held


            On June 6, the opening ceremony and official launch ceremony of Anhui Branch of SHENZHUANG GROUP was held in The Langham Hefei, Anhui Province, at the time of the successful closing of the National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and the starting of comprehensive recovery of domestic economic and social development. More than 100 people such as the leaders from relevant government departments and decoration industry associations and the representatives of partners attended the ceremony. Wu Fugui, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and President of SHENZHUANG GROUP, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Sheng Jing, Director of the Group and Executive Vice President of Chizhou Industrial Park, and Vice Presidents Zhang Kaiyong and Wang Chuanhui, as well as persons in charge of marketing, bidding, industrial management, commerce, human resources and administration, attended the ceremony.


            At 11:00 a.m., in a warm and festive atmosphere, the ceremony officially began. The guests present first watched the annual work summary film of SHENZHUANG GROUP in 2019. After that, Chairman Wu Fugui and General Manager Meng Chao of Anhui Branch appeared on the stage to unveil a new brand of SHENZHUANG GROUP Anhui Branch.


            At the ceremony, Meng Chao, General Manager of Anhui Branch, briefly introduced the establishment of the Branch. He said that with the strong support of the Group, Anhui Branch has set up departments such as General Manager's Office, Design Branch, Marketing Department, Bidding Department and Project Management Department. With the clear organizational structure, full functions, flexible linkage between design and marketing, and close cooperation between bidding and engineering, Anhui Branch can provide comprehensive technical support and help for every Party A and every owner. In the future, the Branch will stand at a new historical starting point, firmly take the Group's development strategy as the guidance, and comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness, enterprise reputation and brand value of the Branch in Anhui with the ingenuity of the craftsman's dedication, self pursuit of keeping improving, and high standard and high quality project design so as to contribute to the sustainable and healthy development of the Group.


            Gao Li, Deputy Secretary General of Anhui Building Decoration Association, delivered a speech to express warm congratulations for the solemnly opening of SHENZHUANG GROUP Anhui Branch on behalf of Anhui Building Decoration Association, at the same time, to raise the expectation that in the future, the Branch can seize the great development opportunity of Anhui, unite sincerely and strive hard to expand the market in competition, seek development in innovation and strive for new breakthroughs with advanced business philosophy and scientific management means.


            At last, Chairman Wu Fugui made a passionate speech. He said that Anhui has unique development advantages by integrating multiple national strategic policy opportunities such as the Yangtze River Economic Belt, the Yangtze River Delta Integration and the rise of the central China. With the acceleration of major national strategies, Anhui has entered the best high-speed development period in the new era. Deep cultivation of the Anhui market will surely add new momentum for the Group to better seize development opportunities, lay out key areas and achieve high-quality development. The Group decided to take "new starting point, new driving force and new future" as the development theme in 2020, Anhui Branch is expected to be able to actively adapt to the new situation of national and Anhui economic development, increase efforts in exploring the market, consolidate effective high-end resources, strive for more high-quality projects, and achieve new breakthroughs in development. The management team of the Branch should unite and cooperate with each other and work together to establish and improve the management mechanism, strengthen the construction of talent teams, continue to carry forward the striving spirit of daring to be pioneering, daring to venture and being brave to move forward, dare to set up dreams and pursue dreams, and be good at realizing dreams so as to contribute wisdom and strength to achieve the grand goal of building the "century-old brand and century-old SHENZHUANG".


            In the afternoon, Chairman Wu Fugui and his party accompanied some guest representatives to visit the new office site of Anhui Branch. The reasonable division of office area, the neat setting of office environment and the open effect of office view of the Branch are refreshing. Afterwards, the leaders of the headquarters of the Group held a cordial discussion with all the employees of the Branch to discuss the market situation and industry trend together, plan the development blueprint, and encourage everyone to firm the confidence, forge ahead, and jointly create a better future for SHENZHUANG GROUP.

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